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Great Ground clearance
December 10, 2007
Location: GA
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"I just put this lift on my 03' Dodge Ram 1500 2wd. installation was easy w/ the exception of having to remove the brakes (because its 2wd). It took 2 hours without working fast. I got the full 2 1/2 inches along with enough space to clear brand new 35 INCH TIRESon a wide wheel with no scrubbing at all. I didnt need new shocks, the ride didn't change, and i didn't even have to get it alligned afterwards. I was very happy with how well it leveled out my truck and how easy it was to install."
Pros: 2 hour installation, maintaining factory ride w/ out having to get new shocks
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5 out of 5
i'd do it again
May 1, 2007
Location: CA
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"I purchased this lift for my 03 Silverado. The website says it gives you a 2inch lift, but i got 2 1/2 which is what it says on the box. I put 2 inch blocks in the back and the truck looks great. I did the front before the back though and i wouldn't have left it like that, the front looked taller than the back, not level. The installation took a little more than 2 hours, but if i didn't follow the instructions on the first side i may have finished it in 2. My truck did need new shocks though, even though they say you don't. With the shocks fully extended i had to have someone sit in the truck to bring it back down enough to bolt on the shock to get it to the allignment shop and the ride was absolutely horrbile. My exact words were "i just ruined my truck" I did go out and get some new rancho shocks that are the right size and now it rides even better than it did from the factory and looks better too."
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5 out of 5
Front levelers
October 30, 2006
Location: Victorville, CA
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"If you need to raise the front end of your truck, these levelers do it great! I got about 2.5" on my 05 Dodge Ram. Installation was very easy, taking less than 2 hours total. Of course, you do need to get the vehicle realigned afterwards."
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3 out of 5
If you can spend money on a suspension lift
October 12, 2006
Location: Kingwood, Tx
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"I just want to make all other buyers aware that this is not an easy 2 hour installation. It took me about 8 hours working by myself. Make sure you have some coil spring compressors to help with easy installation.
Another caveat that is not mentioned in the description, is that you will need an alignment. The ride to get the alignment was very rough.
Once you get the alignment, YOUR TRUCK WILL NOT MAINTAIN A STOCK RIDE. The ride is very rough. Forget about using your cup holder.
To help out I replaced the shocks with high dollar shocks that "helped a little".
After 8 hours of installation, $70.00 for a alignment, and $100.00 and 45 minutes installing the aftermarket shocks, I would recommend spending the extra for a kit that didn't involve 2" spacers, for on road applications.
Lastly, if you decide to get the 2" spacers, the front stance will be higher than the back, so you will need a 1" block kit for the rear to even this out."
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